Silk, cotton, wool....monofilament line.
Spun, twisted, woven, felted...
Knotted and knitted.
Dyed, painted, blended.
Embroidered and embellished.
Sewn, stitched, quilted...

For eons, humans have developed techniques for manipulating various fibers to create apparel, bedding, shelter, and other items — enabling a rich means of artistic expression.

The members of Oregon Fiber Artists continue this heritage, transforming fiber into current cultural ideas of art. We aspire to support members in their personal artistic goals while collectively promoting in our community the appreciation of fiber artists and their creations.

We meet once a month in Eugene‑Springfield, Oregon, to share ideas, techniques, our latest work, and a few laughs. Many members are interested in showing and selling their work, but not all. We like people to be involved as they feel comfortable, recognizing that art sometimes takes a back seat to other things in life.