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Fiber art is different from paint or other two dimensional media in the way it conducts light.

As a colorist artist, I like the rich sensual way that fiber colors glow like jewels.

As the originator of rainbow tie-dye (it happened here in Eugene!), I have approached the creation of rainbow sequences with great seriousness and attention to precision and proportion. Before I relinquished the craft of rainbow tiedye to others, I was making rainbow sequences of eleven colors, each gently washing into the next, creating ten more colors.

When I shifted to weaving and felting fiber art, the color count in my rainbows reached seventy five pure gradient colors, which is bumping up against the numerical limit of pure colors the human eye can perceive as different from one another! Gradually, imagery began to emerge from the rainbows. My compositions tend toward being centered in the visual field like mandalas.

I intend from them to be inspiring and uplifting, even therapeutic.

I offer a huge collection of my work for sale, rent, or exhibition, including many larger works. My latest fiber optic adventures are occurring on an iPad.